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Building new homes for Australians has always been at the heart of what we do. Whether you are building your first home, your forever home or an investment property, our range of floorplans and options means that we have a package to suit your style and budget.

Each of our projects is backed up by the full support of our team who aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. We coordinate all the work involved in your new build and keep you updated with access to iHub, our project tracking software. Customers can rest easy knowing that Privium will take care of all the hard work.

Looking to Build for Yourself?

Privium Homes is our flagship building brand that caters primarily to owner-occupiers. All Privium housing products allow customers to build the exact home that suits their lifestyle.

Personalise your home

Floorplans are flexible and customisable, each finished with first class inclusions as standard, and offering ample opportunities for personal touches.

Quality Craftsmanship

Building with us guarantees you will receive a high-quality house no matter what the price point. Our buying power helps to keep costs down without sacrificing on craftsmanship and care.

Join our Community

Thousands of Australians have found their homes in the Privium community. We can tailor our service to suit everyone from first home buyers on a tight budget to those looking to build a luxury home.

Real Estate Investments

Impact Homes is our investment property arm that offers full turnkey housing products, focusing on taking the legwork out of expanding your portfolio.

Options for all budgets

Whether it’s your first investment, or you are simply looking for your next one, Impact’s houses come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find something that suits your budget.

Full turnkey homes

Impact’s full turnkey builds are managed from end to end by a team that provides as much support as you require. Customers are free to be hands-off, secure in the knowledge that we will deliver a high-quality, totally completed home.

Stress free process

Our process makes it simple to design an efficient investment that will suit its location and tenants, and our fixed price contracts allow for more predictable returns.

What Does "Full Turnkey" Mean?

Full Turnkey means something different to each builder. For us it means exactly what it sounds like: your contract includes everything, and the house will be delivered move-in ready.

We take care of all the detail items like window coverings, clotheslines and letterboxes, as well as large tasks such as landscaping, driveways and air conditioning. Our full list of standard inclusions means that you can get on with enjoying your new home without the hassle of arranging the finishes yourself.


Take Advantage of Our Free Land Finding Service

Where you choose to live is every bit as important as the house you build. Our building services are flexible and available in many regions across Eastern Australia, and we are happy to build on the plot of your choosing.

But if you are yet to purchase land, or for those without a concrete idea of where they would like to build, new home customers have access to our free land finding service. Our team can help you find a suitable block, in a great location, and keep it all within your budget. No need to worry over finding the perfect block or waiting for one to become available. We can streamline the process and help get you into your new home sooner.


Our Low Deposit Support Program

Many Australians face difficulties when saving a deposit that can get them into their ideal home. While this is a huge hurdle, Privium can help out with our Low Deposit Support program.

Depending on your financial situation you may be entitled to your state government’s First Home Buyers grant. Privium will help you apply for and access any government grants you are entitled to, in addition to our own Low Deposit Support options. We connect customers with specialised brokers who help them source, and apply for, suitable low deposit mortgages.

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