Expert Advice from Acquisition through to Sale

Turning a vacant site into a finished development is an involved process that demands experienced management. As developers ourselves we know exactly what it takes to bring a project to fruition, and we are proud to offer an expert development consulting service to our clients. It is important to get each stage right, and you can rely on the hard work of our consultants to take you from acquisition all the way through to final sale.

Site Analysis

When you are considering a development, a full site analysis is the first step in the process. Privium has experience across the entire residential sector and we are well equipped to assess the best use of your land and whether to build townhomes, units or to subdivide plots. Our detailed report will examine the full range of issues facing your development, including:

  • Site constraints
  • Town planning
  • Zoning regulations
  • Site drawings
  • Flood mapping
  • Location of infrastructure and services

Development Feasibility

Each development presents unique constraints that change the final shape of the product. Effective development design considers these factors and provides a solution for your site that is both cost-effective and desirable to the final customer. To aid in the design process, and to help clients make most their site, we perform complete feasibility assessments, determining the best use cases for the land and estimating your likely costs and returns for each scenario.


Project Management

Across our previous developments Privium has tackled a wide range of projects, always taking great pride in our ability to deliver results on time and on budget. Our project managers are the best at what they do, and they can coordinate as much or as little of your development as you require. Whatever you need from us, our experienced consultants will work hard to get it done, ensuring every task is completed to our customary high standards.

Experience Matters

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our team are experts at taking projects from idea through to completion. Privium has the resources and equipment to get the most out of your site, budget and investment. Our existing systems offer one of the best development consulting products available, allowing clients to make use of our size and vertical integration efficiencies.

When it comes to getting your development off the ground, we understand council approval processes and fees, a stage of building which many find difficult to deal with alone. Handling this is a standard part of our fully managed service, and our long standing in the industry means we have developed partnerships that allow us to streamline the approval process and begin site work sooner.


Vertically Integrated Business

Privium operates as a vertically integrated business across the entire residential development industry. Thanks to this vertical integration, our project managers have full access to the resources of all Privium Group business lines. That means when problems arise, they can seek advice directly from our development, civil works or construction divisions, resolving issues quickly and keeping your projects moving forward. Providing our team with access to the business units around them offers clients great savings in both time and money. We can help you avoid the delays and double handling typically involved in coordinating works with third party companies, all while using our buying power as a large builder to keep your costs down.


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