Laying quality groundwork for your development can often be an involved and time-consuming process, but getting it right is the key to delivering a project on time and on budget. Privium has the experience and the equipment needed to perform any work your site requires. Whether you are subdividing a single block, or carrying out a multi-stage development, our team will deliver results to an exacting standard.

Project Management

Privium Civil can manage your project from start to finish, including liaising with engineers, local councils, water authorities and electrical engineers. We also coordinate the logistics of transporting equipment to your site and hiring contractors and trades to complete the work. Allow us to take care of all your sitework and save yourself the trouble of arranging each stage separately. Every one of our services is carried out by certified professionals who we trust to deliver first-class results.


Preliminary Preparation

Most sites require preliminary works to clear the way for the initial stages of a development. We can assist you with any site preparation such as the removal of trees, vegetation and debris, or the demolition of existing structures.


From minor excavation through to large-scale terracing and retaining walls projects, our skilled teams have access to the right equipment for the job. We can help you plan and execute the earthwork on your development, liaising with civil engineers to ensure all work complies with the relevant standards in your area.


Drainage & Stormwater

Privium Civil is fully equipped to provide drainage and stormwater solutions for your development projects. We plan and implement advanced drainage infrastructure and we have experience in installing culverts and pipelines. Our systems are always constructed to comply with local and state regulations, and we take care of all necessary reporting. Additionally, we can manage flood damage repairs to existing infrastructure, from simple stormwater repairs through to complex fixes.

Service Installation

We can put the finishing touches on your development with the installation of all underground services. Our installers are experienced in every aspect of the work, including telecommunications infrastructure, electrical, plumbing for fresh water and gas, as well as sewer and stormwater management systems. Whatever type of development you are embarking on, we can install the services it needs.



As part of our civil works service, we can perform a range of landscaping tasks, from standard fencing to fulfilling planning requirements for street trees. We can also assist you in meeting other development conditions such as extensive environmental rehabilitation or the planting of bio basins. These tasks typically fall outside of the scope of a civil contractor’s work, but Privium can take care of them to maximise efficiency.

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